IDOLS. The power of the image

The exhibition 'IDOLI' (from the Greek eídolon, image) - promoted by the Giancarlo Ligabue Foundation, established in 2016 by Inti Ligabue, and curated by Annie Caubet, honorary curator of the Musée du Louvre - offers us a fascinating journey through time and space: the first attempt to compare from the East to the West, works depicting the human body of 4000-2000 BC
Through 100 extraordinary finds - some exceptional for the historical-scientific importance and rarity - and thanks to an engaging educational apparatus, it will be possible to cover a large geographical area, which extends from the Iberian Peninsula to the Indus Valley, from the gates of the Atlantic to the remote borders of the Far East, in an era of great transition, in which the Neolithic villages gradually evolve into the Bronze Age urban societies.


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